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Karbi Students Association celebrates foundation day

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jul 21, 2017 11:55 pm

Our correspondent
Diphu, July 21 (EMN): The 58th foundation day of Karbi Students Association (KSA) was celebrated by two different groups of KSA separately at different locations in Karbi Anglong today. In the celebration at KSA office, Rongthe-ang here, organised by KSA-Bijoy Bey, the CEM, KAAC Tuliram Ronghang stressed on taking up more strong effort by all in achieving Autonomous State movement for the twin hill districts of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao.
Addressing the gathering he said, “There are many responsibilities by KSA to take up for development of education and society.” The KSA should stand on their own feet and not becomes an agent of any political party and should stand independent and not support to any political parties with the intention of getting benefit said Ronghang.
On the demand for Autonomous State movement he said, “The BJP in its election manifesto has put Autonomous State issue at first then comes proper implementation of MoU and MoS and the BJP leaders have always given assurance that there is state agenda in the party.”
He said, “Karbi Anglong team will be led by Chairman, KAAC Horensing Bey and me along with all elected members of KAAC irrespective of party affiliation will be leaving for New Delhi on 23 July to meet the Prime Minister on Autonomous State issue.” “We have invited the MLAs and even the MP to join us; we should not give up and continue with our effort until it is achieved” he said.
CEM also said “I have always supported the KAANCHASDCOM, while going to New Delhi for holding dharna on Autonomous State issue.” ‘From my own capacity I have given Rs.14 lakh for train fare and dharna at New Delhi’. Ronghang said all matters should be solved through discussion instead of imposing bandhs. ‘There are forces from outside suppressing the people of Karbi Anglong as they do not want the region to be developed’, added CEM.
They are against demand for Autonomous State, but by overcoming all such enemies should move forward for Autonomous State, the CEM said. He also said development of the district is not only concern by CEM and EMs, but it was the responsibility of all.
Meanwhile, KSA led by Simeon Rongphar celebrated the foundation day at Joysing Doloi Auditorium. Former MP and Convenor, Hills State Demand Committee (HSDC) Dr. Jayanta Rongpi encouraged the upcoming youths in KSA to take the lead in reviving the Autonomous State movement.
He said, “During the previous ASDC movement there were engineer and doctors who resigned and got involved in Autonomous State movement.” ‘I am not saying you should abandon your studies, you should become engineers, doctors, etc. but at the same time the upcoming youths should take the lead’, he said. He also clarified saying that the HSDC is not only a political party, but an organisation to lead the people for Autonomous State movement.
Secretary, CPI(ML) HPC Robi Kr. Phangcho blamed the BJP as a party of Hindu fundamentalist. He said: “The BJP in its election manifesto was there for Autonomous State and proper implementation of MoU and MoS, now they have won 24 out of 26 seats, why not pursuing?. ‘The BJP party is interested in implementing the agendas of Sangh Parivar and the RSS, VHP and BJP were dalals of British raj.’ he said. ‘Now they have started harassing the Adivasis and minorities, they have started torturing the minorities in the name of cow protection, suppression of Christian community, and minority and to the smaller hill tribe people is taking place,” he said.
The KSA gave a reminder to CEM, KAAC Tuliram Ronghang on the 51 points charter of demand, while a separate memorandum to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh was submitted through DC, Karbi Anglong for implementation of Article 244 (A) for granting of Autonomous State for Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao. KSA president Simeon Rongphar chaired the open session. Leaders from KNA, ADSU, AJYCP, KNCA, and Women Council of HSDC attended the open session.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Jul 21, 2017 11:55:47 pm