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Indian music record label giant T-Series enters Northeast

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 09, 2019 1:00 am
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Fashion analyst Milan and member Board of Advisors, GKFTII, Dr. Pankaj K Gupta (right), along with newly appointed advisory board member of Stage Works, Clement Imsong of ‘Lords of Rock’.

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Dimapur, March 8: One of the biggest music conglomerates in the world, T-Series which is based in Noida and has over 88 million subscribers on YouTube, making it the second highest in the world, has finally penetrated into the Northeast.

The renowned Indian music record label and film production company has launched ‘Stage Works,’ a first of its kind educational institute in the entire region. The institute, which is under T-Series was initiated by the Satyam group of industries and DH productions, is situated in Guwahati. It is aimed at offering courses in the field of fashion, music, film and other performing arts to promising talents from the Northeast. It will also give them the opportunity to explore “world platform.”

This was announced by Dr. Pankaj K Gupta, fashion analyst Milan and a member of the Board of Advisors, Gulshan Kumar Film & Television Institute of India (GKFTII), at a press conference on Friday.

“They have built one of the biggest institutes in Guwahati with the best faculties from the Bollywood industry where the hidden talents of the State can easily achieve their dream through this opportunity,” Gupta informed.

Clement Imsong, front man of popular rock band ‘Lord’s of Rock’ from Nagaland, has also been roped in as a member on the board of advisors of ‘Stage Works’.

Imsong said that he was confident of bridging the gap between the young talented artistes and the entertainment industry by giving opportunities for more exposure and platforms in the global arena. Acknowledging that the launch of ‘Stage Works’ will not only uplift the talented youth, he stressed that the institute will provide education which will help mould and shape their future.

“There could be so many diamonds underneath us but unless you unearth, it is just another piece of rock covered in mud with a gem inside,” Imsong maintained.

Imsong and Gupta also informed that under the parent company of T-Series, various counselling sessions and events will be held in Dimapur free of cost with leading Bollywood artistes taking part in the event.

By Our Correspondent Updated: Mar 09, 2019 1:00:40 am
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