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Govt approves 8 crore for NCSU bills

By EMN Updated: Apr 02, 2014 12:49 am


THE state government has approved a portion of the controversial ‘pending bills’ to be paid to the Nagaland Contractors’ and Suppliers’ Union (NCSU), but would be released “within a short period”. The chief minister’s office has approved only 8 crores to the union “due to bad financial position” the union said in a press release received here April 1. The chief minister of the state is also the finance minister in-charge. The union said that the entire pending amount would be paid “within short period”. The organization has appealed to all its members to “wait patiently till fiancé department fulfill its assurance”.
The government also issued a circular informing of the payment to the union. The state claimed that “in spite of the resources constraints” due to “adverse recommendations of the 13th finance commission” the government has so far released Rs. 59.59 crores from 2005-2006 till date as part of the dues.
According to the circular issued by Secretary to the Government of Nagaland Y Kikheto Sema, the government provided Rs. 8 crores to clear the pending bill. “although the honorable chief minister had initially approved for release, the decision for payment to NCSU and several government departments had to be reviewed due to short receipt of Rs. 624.90 crores of the anticipated central assistance to state plan during 2013-2014 from the government of India.”
Further, the government said, “in addition there is a short receipt of Rs. 90.52 crores under the state’s share of central taxes from the government of India during the current year 2013-2014.” Due to the stated ‘constraints’ the government had to withhold the Rs. 8 until “the resource position of the state improves”.
The government has assured the NCSU that the amount would be release soon. “We also wish to assure the members of the NCSU that the government shall accord top priority in releasing the amount of Rs. 8 crores for clearance of pending liabilities as soon as we receive the expected pending grants from the government of India,” the circular said.

By EMN Updated: Apr 02, 2014 12:49:39 am