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‘Good Morning Nagaland’: Phom Naga dish recipe by Langmai Chingtuk

By EMN Updated: Mar 01, 2015 11:13 pm

Good Morning Nagaland

Unique Nagas and the inimitable Naga dishes

Diverse dishes of Nagaland, one of the most important ‘attractions’ for the growing number of visitors….

Eastern Mirror with its feature ‘Good morning Nagaland’ aims to highlight all the important traditional dishes that distinct every tribe of Nagaland through their unique ways of cooking.

‘Good morning Nagaland’ also plans to highlight the different dishes of people other than Nagas who are settled in Nagaland. Furthermore ‘Good morning Nagaland’ will wrap up various unique recipes from local restaurants.

Recipes of various hot and delicious dishes are coming your way so grab you seat belts to an adventurous journey with ‘Good Morning Nagaland’ and expertise yourself in the food culture of Nagaland.

‘Good morning Nagaland’ which will be published on Mondays sets to witness various individuals from all tribes who will pull strings together with ever tribes through food.

Anphet is made specially during Phom Monyu festival and Phom Monyiu is considered incomplete without Anphet. Anphet is so special that it is shared mostly to one’s near and dear ones and it is prepared with reverence and love. 


1. Ground local rice: 4 cups
2. Blood (preferable) : 1 cup
3. Pork : 500 grams
4. Dried yam leaves: 20gms
5. Spring onion: As desired
6. Garlic and Ginger
7. Naga pepper (zanthoxylum dried fruits)
8. Green chilli: 5 to 6 pieces (or as desired)
9. Banana leaves / plastic tubes to stuff


1. Soak the ground rice in water for about 30 minutes.
2. Cut the pork and spring onion into small pieces.
3. Make paste of ginger, garlic and green chilli.
4. In a bowl, add the cut pork, blood, soaked rice, paste of ginger, garlic and green chilli and mix well.
5. Finally stuff the mixture into banana leaves/ plastic tubes and cook in water in an earthen pot/cauldron for about an hour.
Serve with black tea or green tea as afternoon snacks.

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