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Educated people to learn to co-exist and live together as a people’

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2018 12:25 am

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Kohima, Aug 2 (EMN): An educationist has observed that students today are running for easy life and not willing to sacrifice for people at large and isolating themselves so much that they are not developing themselves and others as well.

This was said by director, Higher Education, Kuholi Chishi at the All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) 39th foundation day cum felicitation of degree toppers this morning, Aug 2 at Ura Academy Hall, Kohima.

Emphasising on the need for the educated people to learn to co-exist and live together as a people, Chishi encouraged the students to go out, scatter and learn from wherever they are placed and educate people as well.

Pointing out that there is a right time to achieve something and attain success, she advised the students to make the best use of their time and let every day be an experience to learn something new.

Every experience – good or bad, she said, is an experience to sharpen a person to be better, develop one’s personality and emerge courageous. Besides excelling in academics, Kuholi maintained that students should learn to be a human.

While congratulating the toppers, Chishi at the same time advised that they should not be complacent and be satisfied with only a component of their lives. Rather, she said they must strive to achieve qualitative in all aspects of their lives by making the effort to take a small step differently – “an extra step out of an ordinary to be an extraordinary”.

Meanwhile, in a first of its kind since ANCSU was established in the year 1979, the union has constituted an award for the 54 degree toppers from various disciplines, inclusive of students from university, autonomous and technical colleges.

‘Nothing much has changed in Naga society’

Reminiscing the early years when ANCSU was formed in the year 1979, one of the founding members, Neingulo Krome observed that Naga society is caught in all kinds of upheavals because of the modern environment.

Though the Naga society has become very advanced along with the rest of the world, he said the problems still remains the same as nothing much has changed.

Stating that Naga society has its shares of trail and tribulations, Krome recalled that ANCSU was formed not only to look into the welfare of the college students, but at that point of time, the intrusion and inflow of the IBIs was its main concern.

“Our concern was if this flow continues Nagaland will be sold to outsiders” said Krome and recalled that at that point of time there were no strong organisations to take stock of the situation.

Making a comparison of the bygone years and the present day, Krome noted with regret that nothing much has changed and that Nagas are too proud and lazy to do petty jobs. Sounding a note of cautioned, he said “today we are overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants. The dimension of the problems has changed.”

“How are we going to face this problem?” asked Krome and asserted that unless every individual of the society inculcate ‘dignity of labour’, this problem will multiply.

Citing the example of NRC exercise taken by the Assam government, Krome posited “what if half of those come to Nagaland, where will be your future and the future of your children?”

Also stating that Nagas comprised of all Nagas in 120,000SqKm and not only confined to 16,000 SqKm, Krome pointed out that most of them are in Burma.

Asserting that Naga lands are filled with oil, gold, gemstones, diamond, jade stones etc, he recalled how in the earlier years, Nagas solely because of its resistance could stopped the Indian government from exploiting our rich resources.

However, he cautioned that the Indian government could surprised ‘us’ by signing any kind of agreement which some will support and some will oppose. Towards this end, he cautioned the students “many will influence you as students to oppose or support. Don’t listen to them. Listen to your conscience and your heart.”

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