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Eastern national workers condemn AR raids

By EMN Updated: May 18, 2017 10:46 pm

Dimapur, May 18 (EMN): The Eastern Nagas National Worker Union (ENNWU) has expressed its deepest resentment against the 32 Assam Rifles for conducting raids in the residences of Royemchu, Deputy Secretary of Finance In-charge Tuensang at Nagagoan (Signal Angami), Dimapur on May 6 and Toivi Aye, Steering Committee member and Tia, Joint Secretary NSCN/GPRN at wee hours of May 13, Purana Bazaar ‘B’ and Notun Basti, Dimapur respectively.
In a press statement issued by ENNWU, NSCN/GPRN Kilonser, Convener, B. Moba Chang stated that 32 AR raids in private residences had created fear psychosis amongst the innocent children and helpless women and the nuisance acts of AR deserve to be out rightly condemned by all peace loving citizens. The AR’s unprovoked aggressions towards Naga leaders without any rhyme and reasons are in records, ENNWU stated. Stating that the NSCN had continued to exercise maximum tolerance and this positive attitude of the NSCN should in no way be taken as weakness, ENNWU called upon the Assam Rifles to immediately cease vitiating the present peaceful atmospheres by withholding all forms of harassments and tortures. The framework agreement which was signed between two entities need to be upheld and honoured so as to safeguard and maintain the cordial relationship, the press release added.
While condemning actions and activities of Assam Rifles, ENNWU advised AR to end playing double role while proclaiming oneself as “Friends of the hill people” and unleashing tortures and harassments to innocent people with blatant violations of the CFGR that gravely disrupts the congenial peaceful atmosphere of the country. Further, ENNWU earnestly urged the concerned authorities to release the seized legal documents and its members at the earliest.

By EMN Updated: May 18, 2017 10:46:06 pm