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DoSE to take action against agitating Hindi teachers

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2014 12:52 am


In the backdrop of a section of aggrieved Hindi teachers deciding to launch their second phase agitation, Director of School Education Zaveyi Nyekha has warned today that disciplinary action will be initiated against those teachers who are trying to picket the office of Directorate of School Education without conducting examination. He issued the warning on the ground that now is the time for the last quarterly examination of the students and resorting to agitation amounts to jeopardizing career of students.
The director also stated the department of School Education is fully aware and empathise with those aggrieved Hindi teachers who are not getting their salary on time.
Clarifying on the issue of All Nagaland Aggrieved Hindi Teachers (ANAHT), the director, in a release on Sunday, said the department invited the district representatives of Hindi teachers to his office on November 13 to amicably settle matter. However, they sought more time to discuss the issue with the other district representatives and returned after about two hours to say that they will come in two days, the release said and added that instead of returning for discussion they issued press releases stating that they will continue their agitation.
Again on November 19, the director for the second time called their leaders for a meeting with the senior officers of DoSE and office bearers of ANHTU wherein an agreement was reached between the representatives of aggrieved teachers and the department. The aggrieved teachers agreed to postpone their agitation on the condition that their pending salary be paid in the 5th RoP while the effective date of 6th RoP will be from the date of joining on notional increment and the 6th RoP be given with effect from April 1, 2014, the release said.
However, despite the agreement signed between the department and the representatives, another group of aggrieved teachers refused to accept the said agreement and threatened to picket the directorate from November 24. This is unethical and unbecoming of the aggrieved teachers, the release stated.
Since their representatives have agreed to postpone the ongoing agitation as the department has already looked into their demands, the threat to picket the DoSE office by some groups of aggrieved teachers is in violation of the agreement which is viewed seriously by the department, it said.
Stating that it is now so confused about who are their right leaders, the department said it cannot call all the 1379 Hindi teachers for discussion.

By EMN Updated: Nov 24, 2014 12:52:18 am