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Monday, January 30, 2023

DNYO begins a two-day jubilee celebrations

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 20, 2017 10:35 pm
N Jacob Zhimomi, MLA, speaking at the golden jubilee celebrations of the DNYO on October 20. (EM Images)

Dimapur, Oct. 20 (EMN):
The Diphupar Naga Youth Organization (DNYO) celebrated glorious 50 years of its existence with a programme concluding at Diphupar on Oct. 20, with the theme ‘reflect, celebrate and inspire.’

The chief host for the evening was N Jacob Zhimomi, legislator.

During his address, he appealed to the gathering to ‘examine history and reflect’ over how each has performed in their individual lives. He called Diphupar one of the most progressive villages in Nagaland ‘from its style of functioning to style of electing its members in a democratic manner.’ The community is also one where members of 16 Naga tribes in the jurisdiction exist peacefully, he said and calling the village a symbol of unity.

“Every Naga village was an independent state before independence,” the legislator said. Once statehood was announced, he said, that was when Naga villages were united. However, he lamented to a concern: the concept of “isms” and how it slowly “crept” into the society.

Zhimomi called “ism” as the greatest enemy of progress which he said leads to arrested development. He advised the gathering not to forget the teachings of their forefathers and what they have passed down to the generations. They were also told to do away with matters which damage the Naga society and affect progress on the economic front.

Further, Zhimomi said it was ‘very easy to follow the western culture from their lifestyle to having the same taste but economically it doesn’t permit us.’ He reminded: ‘Western culture has different avenues for economic growth; in there, the society contributes to their country. Hence, when demands are made from the society to the government, it is fulfilled.’

However, the case is not for societies such as the Nagas.’ He spoke about the social conditions here where the communities survive on grants and aid provided by the government of India. He appealed to the youth: ‘There are many other avenues apart from just govt jobs such as in the field of sports, music, art etc and to put in hard work and dedication to the more skilled jobs offered.’

A highlight to the evening was when Zhimomi announced that he was gifting an ambulance to the village. This is Zhimomi’s third ‘ambulance contribution’ to his assembly’s constituency.

Apart from performances by the Diphupar Sumi youth Organisation, the jubilee choir and Angami Youth Organisation of Diphupar also performed for the audience.

By Our Reporter Updated: Oct 20, 2017 10:35:58 pm