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Monday, December 11, 2023

Dimapur hospital starts making own protective health gear, suits

By Our Reporter Updated: Mar 26, 2020 5:47 pm
The Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research hospital at Dimapur in Nagaland where hospital staff members are said to have started making own personal protective equipment.

Our Reporter
Dimapur, March 26 (EMN): Facing shortage of protective medical equipment and materials, the Christian Institute of Health Sciences and Research (CIHSR) in Dimapur has started making personal protective equipment (PPE).

The basic gear is being made with the help of hospital staff who know tailoring.

The director of CIHSR, Dr. Sedevi Angami, told Eastern Mirror on Thursday that the hospital had placed orders for more PPE supplies. In the meantime, it decided to make PPE suits with materials locally available.

Angami said that the CIHSR hospital had been using sewing machines for long to make bed sheets for the hospital. With the help of staff volunteers, they are making PPE suits now.

‘It is a war-like situation. We have to make use of whatever material is available and manage it,’ he said. According to Angami, the number of PPE is insufficient not only in Nagaland but across India.

Moreover, PPE is expensive and costs around INR 850 per suit. He opined that hospitals should start making their own PPE, which can be of low cost.

In this kind of situation, he said, whatever materials are available can be used and improvised upon even though it will not be of optimum quality.

‘Every hospital centre has to develop its own mechanism because they cannot depend on the government alone. It is impossible, as the Indian government itself does not have enough resources,’ he said. 

Angami said that although the government is ensuring supply of few things, it is not enough for the current situation.

The doctor informed that one of the mission hospitals had purchased around six to seven sewing machines with which the hospital staff are making PPE and masks from whatever material is available.

‘They have to be prepared for whatever situation arises,’ he said adding that it is impossible for the government to provide everything.

Also, the medical superintendent of CIHSR, Dr. Clement Momin said that in order to respond to the unprecedented health crisis, the full protection of frontline health workers is imperative.

Momin said PPE shortage is being reported across the country. In order to combat the situation, small production efforts are being made within the hospital. The official added that the materials it is using are waterproof surgical cloths, which is impervious to bacteria and viruses.

Even Polyurethane-coated nylon fabrics used for making umbrellas are said to be a good option.

The cost will be approximately INR 200 per piece. He said that after making some 30 pieces ‘we are already short of the material’.

Momin informed that in the event of a disease outbreak, the need for PPE will be in thousands. The material suppliers are from Guwahati but due to the lockdown, goods have been stranded. The official appealed to the government authorities to ensure interstate movement of essential medical goods and drugs.

By Our Reporter Updated: Mar 26, 2020 5:47:46 pm
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