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Counter to Shri. Vedeta Neinu

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:31 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he allegation and remark made against me on January 29, 2014, in the local dailies by Shri. Vedeta Neinu are totally false and unbiased. Under what convictions and based on what grounds can Shri. Neinu hurl such accusation against me. The onus of explaining the land matter lies with the village council of Toulazouma and not with me. I do not have to explain or clarify any of the accusation except those which amount to personal attacks against me. It is surprising to see how low a person can fall down to lash out such venom when the same person is in fault in many ways.Being a habitual deserter, and a characterless personality with no respect for authority, Shri Vedeta Neinu has no right or moral authority to comment/pass judgment or even make a slight remark about my life or my achievement or what I did for the well being of Toulazouma Village or for any government or individual/individuals for that matter. Nor has he any right to make false allegation, defamatory accusation etc against me. There is a Living God who sees all and justice shall be meted out to all in this life and the next. The crimes one did should not be blasted out to others and in this case, perhaps Shri. Vedeta Neinu must have made such crimes and his state of mind is in such a state that he professes others did the same. Regarding the statement made out in the last paragraph, my only retort will be asked Shri. Vedeta Neinu to bring the witnesses (if any), name them, details etc for I would like to see how low a person can lie, be it present kilonsers from NSCN IM or anyone else for that matter. If Shri. Neinu consider himself to be a man, why lay unbidden claim on the allotment given by me, he should instead go and claim some other land and leave mine alone or better yet form a village. What Shri. Neinu should remember is first and foremost, he is a deserter, an identity with no commitment to any purpose or government but his own gain.
This matter doesn’t concern any government whether it be GPRN/NSCN or NSCN/GPRN-IM, this matter doesn’t even concern Toulazouma Village nor its council. This is between Shri. Vedeta Neinu and myself and none other. It all depends upon now who takes the first step.

Ape Venuh
Lieut. Col. Retd. Neipfupe (Ape) Venuh
Kilonser, Care-taker CAO.UT

By EMN Updated: Jan 11, 2014 11:31:04 pm