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Common Diseases of Pig Transmissible to Man and Their Preventive Measures

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Diseases or infections that is transmissible from animal to man or vice versa are known as zoonatic disease. Pig diseases may be transmitted to human being through direct contact, consumption of infected meat, infected uterine discharge etc.

Common Diseases of Pig Transmissible to Man are:
1.Salmonellosis- in human being transmission occur through consumption of infected food ,direct contact with infected animal, faecal-oral route .Symptom in human beings are diarrhoea, abdominal pain ,nausea,vomiting,high fever etc.

2. Colibacillosis- caused by Escherichia coli. In human being infection is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food and water. It causes urinary tract infection

3. Clostridium perfringens infection- transmission of the infection occur through

a)Animal to man- through consumption of contaminated meat and meat products.
b) Man to man –when meat are contaminated by infected and careless handlers during slaughtering/sell counter/during food preparation

Symptoms in man are diarrhoea, and severe abdominal pain
4. Japanese B-encephalitis- caused by an RNA virus. The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. Pig is an important reservoir of the virus. The disease in human being is characterized by fever, headache and nervous symptoms

5. Taeniosis- caused by Taeniasolium. Pig is the intermediate host for the parasite. The larva of taenia infected pork has been termed as measly pork (pork infected with the larval form of Teaniasolium). In human being the larvae affect the brain and the disease is called cysticercosis.

Some Measures to Prevent Disease of Pig Transmissible to Human Being are
1. Protect yourself while cleaning pig shed, feeding/watering by wearing apron, disposable gloves, close shoe, face mask
2. Keep your pigs healthy by providing daily with =good nutritious diet along with vitamin /mineral supplement and sufficient clean water
3. Make sure your pigs are protected against disease/infection by following proper vaccination schedules, regular deworming and medications.
4. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling, cleaning, feeding the animal with water and detergent soap
5. All foods of animal origin such as pork and pork product should be properly washed and cook. Maintain proper cooking time for all meat items
6. Meat slaughter places should maintain standards sanitation practices
7. The animal attendant, meat handlers should follow hygienic practices to avoid transmission of animal disease to human being or vice versa.

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