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Coal sector generates 1.88 cr to state exchequer

By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 22, 2016 12:20 am

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 21 : The mining section of Directorate of Geology and Mining (DGM) is implementing the Nagaland Coal Policy and rules, supervising, monitoring and regulating Coal Mines and Coal transportation and issuing Coal Prospecting Licensee (CPL), Coal Mining Lease (CML) and Small Pocket Deposit Lease (SPDL) to individuals and parties and collecting revenue. This was apprised in an agenda papers handed out to participants and media persons at the 36th State Geological Programming Board Meeting held on Saturday, August 20 at the Directorate of Geology and Mining Office Dimapur.

In an appraisal of work done by the directorate of Geology and Mining during 2015-16 contained in the agenda papers, it mentioned that during 2015-16 the department has so far issued 27 CML and 11 SPDL to individuals/landowners. However at present only 13 CML are functional as the rest of the licences issued are either expired or non-functional.
On the mineral check gates it mentioned that the department has established 17 mineral check gates and some mobile check gates in all conspicuous area in the state and are controlling coal transportations and collecting royalty at the check gates. It further maintained that four Coal Deposit Licences were issued during 2015-16 to Singphan in Mon District, Shetap in Longleng district, Tuli and Tsutapela in Mokokchung district. Two mineral check gates in Mokokchung district were outsourced to private parties namely Tuli Gate to M/S Nagaland Emerald Enterprise and Tsutapela gate to M/S Wanye Semtech from February 2016 for a period of three years.

The department has constructed five staff accommodations at the gate in the following places: Shetap in Longleng district, Tsutapela in Mokokchung district, Saring in Mokokchung district, Sanis in Wokha district and Longtsiri in Wokha district.

The department has also planned field programme for 2016-17 touching on the effective implementation of the Nagaland Coal Policy 2006 and first amendment 2014 by way of supervising, monitoring and control of coal mines, revenue collection from coal producing districts and data collection of illegal coal mining in the state.

In its field programme for 2016-17, the department has also included the operation and effective implementation of the Nagaland Minor mineral Concessional Rules 2004.

As per the appraisal by the DGM on the revenue collection from coal sector, it apprised that with the collection of royalty from coal producers and transporter at Rs.290/- per metric ton from November 2012, the department had collected revenue of `1.84 crore to the State exchequer during the last financial year. The detail statement is provided below:

Revenue generated in 2015-16

District Revenue 
MON 49, 31, 900
LONGLENG 28, 98, 750
MOKOKCHUNG 96, 65, 400
WOKHA 8, 68, 000
DIMAPUR 39, 150
Total        Rs. 1, 84,03,200
By Our Reporter Updated: Aug 22, 2016 12:20:06 am