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CMO Longleng sponsors ear screening camps

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2021 10:37 pm
Dr. Obangjungla speaks at the charity screening of ear and hearing camps in Longleng town on August 24.

Dimapur, Aug. 27 (EMN): Charity screening of ear and hearing camps, sponsored by the chief medical officer (CMO) of Longleng, Dr. Obangjungla, and her husband, Benjung Aier, was conducted from August 24 to the 26 at Longleng district headquarters.

An update from the CMO’s office informed that similar screening camps would also be conducted Tamlu CHC, Buranamsang HWC, Sakshi PHC, Yongnyah PHC and Yachem CHC.

Speaking at the launch event held at Phom Lempong School on August 24, Dr. Obangjungla stated that they had planned to organise the hearing camp for a long time. She stated that hearing impairment occurred when there is a problem with or damage to one or more parts of the ear and added that the degree of hearing impairment could vary from one person to another.

Dr. Obangjungla mentioned that during one of the health camps in Thanamir village under Kiphire district years ago, she met a girl in her thirties who could not hear for 15 years. She added that when a doctor examined her, it was found that the ear wax had blocked both of her ears. She said the girl could hear properly again after medications and the wax was removed from her ears.

Dr. Obangjungla stated that the very incident made her think to do for people with hearing impairment. She said that people with hearing impairment are deprived of education, stigmatised by the society in so many ways, face employment problem etc.

She informed that hearing aids would be provided for those required in the month of September after the hearing camp is completed in all the blocks. She further thanked principal director of Health department, Dr. Neikhrielie Khimiao, and the director, Dr. Vikato Kinimi, for deputing two ENT specialists and technicians for the ear and hearing camp.

The ADC Robin Zeliang, in his short speech, appreciated Dr. Obangjungla and her husband for sponsoring the ear and hearing camp for the people of Longleng district, which according to him was a first of its kind in the district. As many people were unable to go out of Longleng for treatment, he expressed gratitude to the CMO for providing the treatment right at the doorsteps.

He also requested all the beneficiaries to disseminate the information to avail the opportunity. He further assures all possible assistance from the administration during the hearing screening camp.

Short speeches were delivered by ENT specialist Dr. Thejasevi Chase, SDEO Longleng Shamthai Phom, medical superintendent of District Hospital Longleng Dr. Kibangkumba, and PBCA executive secretary Tialemba Phom.

The programme was chaired by DSO Dr. Marina Yaden, while the invocation prayer was said by the pastor of Longleng Town Baptist Church Rev. Beau, vote of thanks was delivered by DTO Dr. Temsusashi and concluded with a benediction said by women pastor of Ao Baptist Church Longleng Asangla.

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2021 10:37:54 pm