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Christmas Message—NSCN (IM)

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By tradition, we Christians celebrate Christmas every year on 25th of December. We do so because it is the beginning of a new world, a new generation, a new law, a new faith, a new culture, a new social system, and a new era. It is a paradigm shift from the old order to the new one.

Why Christmas was necessitated?
It is said that God walked with man hand in hand and talked with man face to face in the Garden of Eden. But, it says the paradise life of the man, Adam, was a short-lived one on account of his fall from grace.

After the fall of man, God spoke to men through his Angels and Prophets to bring them back home, but lamentably failed because of the hardened hearts of men.

Finally, God incarnated in the person of Jesus Christ and spoke to men through Him. The main objective of Christmas is to save the lost. [Mathew 18: 11] Indeed, Christmas was necessitated to redeem the sinners; it was indispensable to rebuild the broken and fallen human race, to seek the lost and rescue the perishing souls and to liberate people in bondages like the Nagas.

Jesus Christ came into the world to give fallen human kind a second chance, who had miserably missed the first chance because of the fall of Adam, the root of the family tree of human race.

The Prophet Jonah was thrown into the sea on account of disobedience to the word of God like Adam.
However, Jonah repented and prayed to God while he was still in the belly of fish avowing that he would continue his mission if he would be sent back to the world. The loving God answered his prayer and gave him a second chance. Jesus Christ was sent to the world to give the rebellious people like us the second chance.

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