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Chendang village condemns YLA action

By EMN Updated: Oct 30, 2014 12:43 am


A village in Tuensang called Chendang village has accused a Yimchunger organization of “nefarious” and “inhuman activities” against people of Chendang. The village council has demanded immediate action from the district administration against an armed Yimchunger group going by the name of “Yimchungru Lomi Aiyangru”, alleged to be formerly known as “YTC armies.” The Chendang Village council issued a copy of a representation addressed to the deputy commissioner of Tuensang on October 29. The representation listed out instances where the Yimchunger group, Yimchungru Lomi Aiyangru (YLA) allegedly committed various ‘nefarious activities’ on the people and land of Chendang village.
Narrating several incidences, the village council stated that one Daniel of Chendang Saddle village allegedly armed himself with a rifle and was ‘on his way to shoot innocent Chendang villagers when coincidentally or otherwise, the divine intervention, the 23rd Assam Rifles D Coy of Shamator who were on their way to Tuensang, appeared before him.’ He was shot at for ‘trying to run away with the dangerous arms, the council stated.
The village council narrated another incident: On October 13 some youths from the village were returning from Tuensang town when they found a minor boy alone in the middle of the jungle at around 6:30 PM “shivering wildly out of fear, cold and hunger.”
The youths informed the village’s authorities over the phone and the elders instructed the youths to take the child back to the village. It was later found from his statement that four unknown persons came in a white van and kidnapped him. The four persons wore masks and took him beyond Kutur village and abandoned him in the jurisdiction of Chendang village. The four miscreants are said to have told the boy that they would return to collect him and then moved away towards Chendang Saddle village. They never returned, the council stated.
The council also narrated an incident that is said to have happened on October 22 when a young man arrived in the village beaten and bruised from assault. The young man is said to have been “arrested” by the YLA on October 16 for no reason and confined him. He was kept with his hands and legs bound, Chendang village council stated. They also ‘tried to take his life’ on several occasions but could not succeed, the council stated.
The village council also mentioned that six persons armed with sophisticated weapons such as US carbine, M16 and “21 semi rifle” took him when he was to travel to Tuensang on October 22. He was assaulted brutally after being called out of the vehicle, the council said. The young could manage to escape when they tried to find a rope to tie him. He escaped to Chendang village where he pleaded to the villagers to adopt him as he feared for his life, the representation to the deputy commissioner stated. The involvement of the YLA cadres in Kuthur, Yakor, Sangphur, and Shamator town is noted by the council.
“Now it is very clear to one and all that all the nefarious ad inhuman activities taking place within our jurisdiction are the handiwork of the so-called ‘Yimchungru Lomi Aiyangru’ which was formerly referred to as ‘YTC armies’ as disclosed by Mr. Yingbho, one of its cadres captured on August 7, 2014. It is also very clear now that the clandestine crimes would be committed by them and the brunt of ignomity in its consequences would be suffered by the Chendang village,” the council stated.
“However, it is naturally understood that no man from our village or community would be fool enough to commit such a blunder in our own vicinity and earn self infamy,” the Chendang authorities added.

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