Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Change before you are forced to

By EMN Updated: Jan 25, 2014 11:44 pm

Fr. T.O.  Sebastian

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ost people in their professional life face transfers. In some cases the employee himself asks for a transfer or he is asked to transfer himself. If the transfer is welcomed by the individual, it becomes a happy event. If it is resisted because of various reasons it becomes a painful experience. There is also a change in the life of an enterprise or a company. I remember in the early 70’s the popular two wheeler was the Italian Vespa. Later on the Bajaj scooter dominated the market in two wheelers. People never thought that Bajaj scooter would ever wind up until the company announced that they are stopping the production of scooters.They went for motor bikes then a sensation among the youngsters. The change was a bold decision, accompanied with risks and anxieties. They did study the market, made detailed plans and then took a bold decision. It was a successful venture. The company still continues the Bajaj Autos, since there is no competition in the market in this sector. If you don’t change your direction when at the peak, you will find yourself thrown out and then it becomes very painful. In our personal life too, people do not prepare themselves for a change at the productive time. Many regret the fact of retirement from their job due to superanmeation. They feel helpless if they have to retire and feel that they are useless after retirement. Instead for individuals a change in the middle of their life is a must. A changed occupation will bring you many more benefits one did not expect or foresee. New skills and latent talents will come into play, giving your fresh satisfaction and renewed energies which will prolong your life. So do not carry on playing the drum at the same beat till the end. You can do so many other nice things in life if only you have the courage to change.If you want to get the most out of life, you must shift or change your field of operation. This change or shift should take place when you are at the peak of success, when you are sitting on the laurels. Then you do it because of your self-decision. You are not shifting because others or the circumstances have forced you. When you happily undertake a business, all your energies and faculties will come together and create a synergy and give you the optimum support for your cause. In this case you are not working under pressure, nor is anyone forcing to do it. As you get on to work at your new scheme, you will meet with a different set of people and get new insights and vision. While going through the process, you will be surprised to know that so many things were so far hidden from you but now they emerge. It will be a wonderful journey of experiments and discovery. You do not know the depth and the extent of your talents and capacities. It is only when you explore and discover one, you will find that you have a rich store, a mine of wealth within you so far untapped and unused. Sorry for those who discover it late. Still worse for those who never did. What about those who buried it all in their grave? Will the world ever have a glimpse of it?

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