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CAGSA 50th meet gets underway

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Feb 02, 2021 10:51 pm

Thipuzu leads medal tally on day-1

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Phüsachodü, Feb. 2 (EMN): The 50th anniversary of Chokri Area Games and Sports Association (CAGSA) got underway at Phüsachodü village on Monday.

Manipur Minister for PHED, Printing and Stationery, Losii Dikho, was the chief guest of the opening ceremony. In his address, the minister said that sports can bring change, unity, and economic development, which in turn, brings change in the soiety.

Taking the example of famous sportspersons from Manipur, he said that they are the ones who brings economic development in the state. In fact, the richest persons in the world are sportsperson today, he added.

Naga people are energetic and can make it in the sports field according to Dikho. He asked the leaders to identify players potentials and promote them.

The minister called upon the players to participate in games and sports with ambition and not just for fun or entertainment. He also appealed to all players to become the leaders of sports and bring change in the society.

Speaking on the occasion as guest of honour, MLA Dr Chotisüh Sazo urged the players to focus on doing better in their profession as players. ‘Always aim to participate not only in the district or state level but at the Olympic (international) level’, he said. Further, the legislator advised the players to maintain good discipline and try to make new friends during this CAGSA meet.

President of Phek District Sports Association (PDSA), Nezosa Teste-o informed that next PDSA Meet would be held at Thenyizu Village in the month of March. He added that Naga style wrestling would be introduced during that time.

CAGSA President Vekhayi Rüho in his message to the players told them not to be disheartened but to participate with their best.

Total of 950 delegates from 11 villages under Chokri area in Phek district participated. The 11 participating villages included Thenyizu, Chetheba, Chesezu, Khulazu Basa, Khulazu Bawe, Thipüzu, Phüsachodü, Rükizu, Kikrüma, Chikri Nasa, and North Kikruma.

The 50th CAGSA meet will conclude on February 9.

Players in action during the 50th CAGSA meet at Phüsachodü local ground on Tuesday. (EM Images)

Meanwhile, Thipuzu village is leading the medal tally at the ongoing 50th meet of Chokri Area Games and Sports Association (CAGSA) with 15 medals (eight gold, four silver, three bronze).

The meet is being held at Phüsachodü village under Phek district.

On day one, athletic events took place at the local ground with track events viz. 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, 4×200m and field events- high jump, board jump, shotput, discuss throw, javelin throw and triple jump for both men and women.

In the medal tally, Phüsachodü is in second row with a total of 17 medals (four gold, five silver, eight bronze) on day one, while Rukizu stands in third place with four medals (two gold, one silver, one bronze). They are followed by Kikruma with three medals (two gold, one One bronze), Khulazu Basa with two medals (two gold), Khulazu Bawe with eight medals (one gold, four silver, three bronze), Thenyizu with eight medals (one gold, three silver, four bronze), Chesezu with two medals (one gold, one silver), Chetheba with three medals (three silver), North Kikruma with one medal (one silver),  and Chikri Nasa is yet to register for the medal tally.

The first gold of the CAGSA meet was clinched by Melevo Rose of Thipuzu (12.55 mts) in men’s shot-put, with Venuzo Dawhuo of Thenyizu village in second position with 12.46 mts. 

For women’s shot put, Zuniekholu Khamo of Phüsachodü claimed the first position with 10.70 mts and Honi Medeo of Chetheba in second with 10.44 mts. 

In 100 meter men’s dash, Kudephuyi Ruho finished the track in 11.66 seconds to win the first gold medal for Phüsachodü village, followed by Khruseto Dawhuo of Thenyizu (11.82 seconds). 

For women, Kuzhopolu Medeo tracked her best record finishing in 14.47 seconds for 100 meter dash to win the gold medal for Rukizu village and Honi Medeo of Chetheba in second place with 14.85 seconds

Day-two highlight

On the second day, the first football match for men will be played starting at 7:30 am between Khulazu Basa and Chesezu. For volleyball (women) – Phüsachodü will take on Thenyizu village and Chesezu against Kikruma on league basis. For basketball (men), Thenyizu will play their first match against Khulazu Bawe.

By Thejoto Nienu Updated: Feb 02, 2021 10:51:58 pm