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Brad Pitt was warned off rock music

By IANS Updated: May 06, 2017 7:58 pm

Actor-producer Brad Pitt’s parents had warned him rock concerts were “the Devil” but didn’t ban him from attending.
The “Moneyball” actor says that he wasn’t banned from going to gigs, but was warned off, reports
“I remember going to a few concerts, even though we were told rock shows are the ‘Devil’, basically. Our parents let us go. They weren’t neo about it. But I realised that the reverie and the joy and exuberance, even the aggression, I was feeling at the rock show was the same thing at the revival,” Pitt told GQ Style magazine.
“One is Jimmy Swaggart and one is Jerry Lee Lewis, you know? One’s God and one’s Devil. But it’s the same thing. It felt like we were being manipulated. What was clear to me was ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about’,” he added.
The actor says that this did not spoil him of “f**k” him up but it led to “some eating questions at a young age.”
The 53-year-old actor grew up in a more traditional Christian household, but his parents moved towards a more unorthodox way of worship when he was a teenager.

By IANS Updated: May 06, 2017 7:58:40 pm