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AYO against erring Nagas

By EMN Updated: Sep 07, 2013 9:56 pm

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is right and proper that we celebrate Peace Day every year in commemoration of the struggles that went before to bring about such an occasion. However, it is most unfortunate that the celebration has so far been merely symbolic. For just two days before September 6 when NBCC and FGN celebrated its golden jubilee of Indo-Naga Ceasefire Day, there were two incidents of inter-factional clashes in civilian crowded areas in Kohima, the State capital.Accordingly, the Angami Youth Organisation (AYO) declared that it has withdrawn solidarity and support to the “erring” Naga factions which keep warring amongst themselves when the overall goal is for fulfillment of Naga political aspirations vis-à-vis Government of India.
Are the clashes and killings indulged in by cadres of one group against cadres of another group who are also their brethren, not a mockery of all the sacrifices made by previous generations? A sad commentary we are likely to hear from well wishers elsewhere when the whole world is now very much aware of the Naga struggle.
The sad thing about the Naga ethos is that we have so many things going up on the wrong side of the political ladder. Just like the crab mentality, when someone tries to do something good by trying to climb up someone or the other will try and pull him or her down back to square level one.
We like to boast of our many fine qualities and these are part and parcel of our heritage but simultaneously we try to distort almost everything to the point of negating all the good and positive aspects of our lives. All the negative things that are happening practically every day throughout the entire State are too numerous to recount here as they would definitely fill a sizeable booklet. For each and every aspect there will always be one or more opinions in contradiction and without let up or even agreeing to disagree albeit with a measure of grace.
So how do we go about containing these runaway aberrations? How do we rein them in? Well, the first step is to sincerely introspect and wean away the grains from the chaff which by itself can turn out to be a formidable task but not impossible. For this, each and every right thinking citizen must involve and make contribution through letters, articles and even on the dais during seminars or public gatherings plus participation in public works. The practical must corroborate the theoretical aspects.
However, it is also true that some leaders have to come forth and give the clarion call to galvanize the people and their inherent abilities—all for the better days in our society.
That the good times will come to Nagaland is always in the pipeline, or on the anvil, to use journalese, but will ensure good and positive results only when we all go for the ultimate goal and for which we may also have to cast aside the lesser evils for the greater good.
Are we ready to take the bull by the horns?

By EMN Updated: Sep 07, 2013 9:56:09 pm