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ASU reiterates revision on RTE

By EMN Updated: Apr 06, 2014 1:18 am

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Sticking to its three-point representation submitted earlier to the Education Minister, the Angami Students’ Union (ASU) reiterated the need to revise the manner of implementation of the Right to Education Act in the State.
The ASU, the apex body of the Angami students, say actions to this effect will secure a future for the youth and the Naga society.
The non-detention policy under the RTE Act is the first on its list which the students body wants revoked; secondly – RMSA and SSA funding should the ASU states, include community and Church managed and sponsored institutions; and thirdly – Nagaland’s history, particularly its social, religious, economy and political history must be a part of the curriculum in the initial stages between standard 1-8. They also want a redressal on very bulky and strenuous study syllabi of students.Addressing a press conference at the completion of its second presidential council meeting at Chumukedima village this afternoon, ASU president Zakie Khate said they are yet to get a written reply from the Minister of Education though its has been almost a month after the representation was submitted.
“We have apprised the Chief Minister in this regard and he gave the assurance to take up our proposal at the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD),” Khate informed.
“Along with the representation which was submitted before last Assembly session in March last, we (ASU) have expressed our desire that these matters be placed and discussed in the NLA sessions. We have even proposed for instituting an expert panel or committee by the government to look into the matter, but we are yet to get a reply from the concerned department,” Khate said adding that they want an assurance from the government.
Another major resolution ASU adopted during the meeting was to initiate on conservation of the environment.
“Of late, the random destruction of our environment and ecology has been a big concern. And the consequence of the rampant destructions is visibly impacting the Naga community. This act of randomization should be stopped once and for all,” ASU president said.
“ASU will initiate measures to sensitize and create awareness amongst the people, especially within the Angami jurisdiction,” he said.
The Angami student leaders later in the afternoon visited the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Chumukedima. The purpose of the visit was to get to know about the opportunities and privileges the NIT provides, especially for the Nagas/Scheduled Tribes.
Altogether, student leaders from all the four Angami ranges including Southern, Northern, Western and Chakhroma and ASU officials attended today’s meeting.
Meanwhile, Khate has informed that ASU will host the next NSF general conference. He said this was officially accepted during the last NSF conference.

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