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Anti-Naga cyber crimes

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2013 11:55 pm

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he world has come a long way since the first inkling of technology hit the web site as a powerful force based on the expertise in computer suaveness. The unfortunate part in life is that whenever humans are blessed with something marvelous, there will always be a force that tries to undermine it through human beings who suffer from great talent for destructiveness through its acquired but misused talent.The Dimapur Police on Wednesday, August 21, arrested a cyber-related criminal for uploading and posting obscene pictures on the website of Nagaland Open Online Barter or Sell (NOOBS), a Facebook comprising Naga entrepreneurs. NOOBS made a complaint resulting in the arrest of the young man.
The police team headed by O.C. West Police Station, Jenmei Konyak, had investigated the case before making the arrest. It also seized a mobile phone (Nokia E-63 series) and a desktop computer. A case under IT Act and relevant sections of IPC was registered against the accused who has been remanded to police custody. And this is not the only case.
The accused is one Amit Ghosh, son of Anil Ghosh and resident of Railway Colony, Dimapur. Obviously the family is apparently well to do with access to computer and other gadgets. A mobile phone is not the main criteria because even water carriers (pani wallahs) have their own models. The main point here is that most of the communities residing in Railway Colony (or West Yard Colony) of Dimapur are descendants of those who had first come here during British rule and employed in various capacities.
What not only offends but hurts to a great extent is that some members of immigrant communities who have been regarded as being part of the pluralistic society in Nagaland should still retain some measure of a kind of discrimination that more often than not tend to display their contempt for Nagas and all that we stand and strive for. They settle on our land, are not harassed but they still have never even tried to understand the culture and values of the Nagas in general. The upcoming generation must learn that incidents of this nature can adversely affect the fine balance of understanding and relationship with the native society which their fore runners have established. Schools too need to educate the students about the pluralistic nature of the society
Such wayward young people do not augur well for the future and so not only the so-called public leaders but the people as a whole must voice their displeasure against such behavior because the whole thing implies that Nagas are generally immoral but do they ever realize that many members of their own community are even worse?
Why is that people from other communities who settle in another land not assimilate with the culture of the land but stand apart from the society.
Is this the reason behind the divide between the ‘mainland’ and the ‘peripheral society’? Is this total disregard towards local sentiments forgetting who you are, and displayed by Amit Ghosh a streak that runs in the Indian mainland ? Could this “streak” be the root cause of the ‘racist ‘ sentiments that Indians arouse in Australian, British citizens where Indians have faced the brunt of racist attacks?
It will be wise for everyone to remember that “ there is nothing stranger than a stranger in a new land”.

By EMN Updated: Aug 23, 2013 11:55:02 pm