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Angphang children pray for divine protection

By Mirror Desk Updated: Apr 14, 2020 11:13 pm
Seen in the image are children of Angphang village in Mon district invoking divine protection against the Covid-19.

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Dimapur, April 14 (EMN):
One would only imagine the eerie silence that looms in the far eastern part of Nagaland amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bordering Myanmar, Mon district is also following all lockdown orders just like the rest of the country. Many would wonder how the lives of people have changed in this far-flung land due to the lockdown.

On April 13, just when news of the first Covid-19 positive case was announced, more than 30 children from Angphang village in Mon gathered to sing and pray for the state; their voices echoed across the mountains. The video has been doing the rounds on social media sites, bringing faith and hope to many. The video also shows the children following protocols of social distancing as they sing.

Eastern Mirror spoke to Liya Hankai, a young mother in her thirties from Angphang village, who filmed the children which included her two sons, aged six and eight.

“The children in the village have nothing to do all day and roam around, so we decided to gather them and let them sing and have a mass prayer,” said Hankai.
The young mother shared that nothing much has changed since the lockdown.
“The children sit idle all day as schools are shut and even Sunday school is not allowed anymore; we want to keep them occupied so that they don’t waste their time,” informed Hankai.

“We still go to pick wood everyday, and we buy ration from small grocery stores apart from picking vegetables from our fields; we have enough as of now,” she added.

The YouTube channel ‘The Land of Angh’ that uploaded the video, has translated the prayer song into English:

‘Corona! Where did you come from?
Oh Almighty God, please don’t let it enter Nagaland
Coronavirus, Corona sickness, don’t let it enter Nagaland
Oh God, we put our trust in you, we are your children
So please have mercy on us
Coronavirus, corona sickness, don’t let it enter Nagaland
Oh please listen to our prayer
Our homeland, our village, let it not enter
Coronavirus, corona sickness, don’t let it enter Nagaland’

“I thank God that till now nobody has fallen sick in the village as it would be very difficult to get medical care,” said Hankai. She informed that the closest medical facility is in Aboi, which takes about two hours to reach on foot.

Another video that has garnered viewers is that of four-year-old Shonga Konyak from Wakching village, also uploaded on ‘The Land of Angh’ channel . In the video, the young girl is seen praying to God and asking for grace to save Nagaland from the coronavirus pandemic.

It is known that Mon, also popularly known as the ‘Land of The Angh’, had seen bloodshed and headhunting being a way of life not long ago, but after the advent of Christianity, so much change has happened to the lives of the people living in the district.

By Mirror Desk Updated: Apr 14, 2020 11:13:26 pm