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Alicia Keys finds Superwoman inspirational

By IANS Updated: Feb 01, 2017 9:17 pm

Singer Alicia Keys finds Indo-Canadian digital influencer Lilly Singh, also known by her YouTube username IISuperwomanII, an inspiration for promoting love among women.
The R&B star doesn’t believe in the cliché that “women are catty”, and instead feels women should empower one another.
“There is this fallacy about how women are catty, that we’re all in competition with each other. I’d say, as opposed to getting swept up in jealousy, use that pang to give you an indication of what you are looking for,” Keys said in an interview for the new issue of Glamour magazine, reported.
Citing one example of a woman who is doing so, Keys said: “Actually, there is this awesome performer Lilly Singh, who always does this thing: ‘Shout out another girl and tell her what you love about her’.” Keys feels it’s a good practice.
“I don’t know if we tell women great news about themselves enough. You’d be surprised how often a young woman doesn’t hear positive things about herself—not in her home, not at school. It’s hard to create a beautiful image for yourself when you’ve never seen it or heard it,” she added.

By IANS Updated: Feb 01, 2017 9:17:46 pm