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Friday, June 09, 2023

Agony of Contemporary Naga Polity

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2016 12:00 am

Ketshengupe Losou

The contemporary Naga society has been satirically wrecked and tanked-up when we visualize its agonies and vices. In this midst of social, political and economic disorder, the Common persons are entangled with myriad disparities and injustices. Corruptions, nepotism, fragmentations, crimes, jealousies and discriminations have become an inevitable paradox. It just reminds us of the hollowness of bustle where freedom of speech is only a nightmare where actions are ruled by few egoistic individuals. It makes one to reason WHY? ‘Life is a journey enfolded with myriad thrills and complications which everyone has to endure’ but perceiving with present situations, it is unbearable which is beyond measures. Our society has become so distorted that one finds difficult to fathom andcomprehendwhich is deceiving and humiliating. The peaceful co-existence has been decimated by this retributive society.

Perceiving with the existing political system, the challenges of Democracy has become more or less turbulent at this juncture where the positivity of the good governance has been threatened and undermined. The pillars of democracy have been rooting out in our society due to some few self-centered individuals for their vested interest as elected representatives.Such individuals have decimated the posterity and effectiveness of pure form of Democracy. The innocent and ill-fated electorates are forced to endure a miserable life at the empathy of those elected representatives. Themutual contractbetween the Elected Representatives and the innocent Voters before election has become a ‘meager dream’. The irony is that their political commitment has become just an enticement to lure the petty votes. The innocent voters are victimized due to their ignorance.

Defections and shifting affiliation hasdefamed democracy.This has eventually led to opposition-less govt. which is detrimental for good governance and deemed to encourage more corruptions. With such unjustified malpractices, the affairs of the state administration have become less malleable than expected. And that was the pride of the Naga Political System. The common people are been agonized by those power hungry mongers. Such unwarranted practices have decimated the posterity and effectiveness of ideal governance.

We talk about development but land up on the half way. Numerous projects and programs are laid down to facilitate the needs of the publicand to achieve welfare state. However, the commitments and actions as perceived by the politicians are somehow provoking. They make numerous promises but their actions are too hollow which a common person finds difficult to comprehend. It has totally blurs the efficacy of good governance. Political malleability should be displayed in actions and not in words. Our Society has been miserably infused with myriad deceptions which will be difficult to fix it and as such the laymen are susceptible to such unprecedented predominant syndromes. The good morals and responsibilities which our ancestors have nursed us have been eroding.

Politics in itself is not corrupt but the people in the authority has misused and misinterpreted it. The harmony of pure polity has been decimated by few power monger individuals for their personal gains. We have laws to check such malpractices but such laws are enforceable only to the weaker section of people. The weaker people are vulnerably deemed to arbitrary action. It is very unfortunate that the authority in power has misguided the Article 371A. Taking the advantage of this Article,corruptions, bribery, nepotism, favoritism, backdoor appointments etc. has rampantly emerged into our society, thusadversely murdering and damaging the Polity, Social Life and Economy.

It has destabilized the posterity of our future generations.

“Someday history will write of our era and the biggest scandal will be the thing we accepted in our leaders: chronic and endemic selfishness. History will be hard on us for that.” Peggy Noonam.

While reflecting thepolitical imbroglio, it undermines the layman if the actions of the governing authority are accountable and assessable for the common good. There should be a redefining in our political system and not for petty political games. Pillars of democracy should be strengthened by rooting out corruptions; streamlining and customizing itsprocess and executions, introduce more accountability and inculcate discipline by stricter and just judiciary.A competent and just authority has to be developed to act as a catalyst to facilitate the needs of the people and curb such corruptions.

There should be a paradigm shift from ‘Imperfection to Perfection’. Democratization of policy with futuristic vision and positive outlook should be embraced. The spirit of patriotism against corruption and anti-social elements should be elevated in the mindset of impending generations.

John Adams has stated that, ‘Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any man, family, or class of men.’ And if that was the accepted concept of Government, we have to customize and change our attitude and mindset. Our principles and modus operandi of state affairs should be filtered by embracing positive outlook. The change that we fueled today will convey prodigious impetus to impending generations.

In the epilogue let us quote the words of famous scientist, Albert Einstein“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.” Be an anchor for Change, Undivided Best.

By EMN Updated: Aug 03, 2016 12:00:03 am