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ACAUT seeks prayer supports

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2014 11:04 pm


WHILE resolving to continue to fight unabated taxations/corruption committed by both the Naga political groups and established government, ACAUT Nagaland has solicited all churches to observe March 9 as prayer day for its cause. ACAUT has sought prayer and support as its aims and objectives being no easy tasks.
ACAUT Nagaland secretary, Solomon L Awomi, and the vice president, Joel Nillo Kath, said ACAUT movement since its inception on May 27, 2013, has managed ‘to create an atmosphere where, as Christians, we are now willing to commit ourselves to the truth; the truth that unabated taxation is corruption; that unabated taxation is the cause of factionalism and that factionalism is the reason why Indo-Naga solution eludes us even after 60 years of armed struggle.’ It added that behind the ACAUT’s strident declaration of “One Government, One Tax” is the single-minded motive of ushering peace and prosperity in our land.
It said ACAUT has been restructured into “ACAUT Nagaland” and the year 2014 is solely devoted to touring the different parts of Nagaland with the message of “One Government one tax”.
It further stated that ACAUT would not be deterred by narrow and divisive parameters such as tribalism, clanism or political factors, etc., nor allow these extraneous factors to derail the movement, adding ACAUT leadership would endeavour to bring accountability in the state.
Meanwhile, ACAUT has strongly condemned the March 1 incident in which two unidentified miscreant lobbed into the resident of a businessman at Marwaripatti, Dimapur.
Stating that it is the business community which has boldly come forward to support the Naga declaration of ‘One Government One Taxation,’ ACAUT Nagaland has asked the civil society organisations to emulate the decisions of the business community and strengthen the ACAUT movement.

By EMN Updated: Mar 02, 2014 11:04:44 pm