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A glimpse of Rainbow Choir, Nagaland

By EMN Updated: Jan 22, 2014 10:48 pm

Rainbow Choir is a Christian choral group intended to sing in various parts of harmony, with or without instrumental accompaniment.
It is over 60 years since India has been a nation. The world of variety in terms of culture and tradition is still to be explored while considering the vastness of the Cultural India. Nagaland, rich in culture and tradition, with a unique topography, is a joyful surprise to many of our Indian friends. A little they know about Nagas is insurgency and dog-eating. The people from North East region are often misunderstood as Chinese, Bhutanese or Nepalese; sometimes called as “Chinkies”, often leaving us hurt. Therefore, the quest is inert in us to share our culture and best of our tradition with the world beyond our land. Our desires and decision have uplifted our morale, giving shape to RAINBOW, a youth group that will walk the way giving expressions to the tones and steps of the cultures and traditions, especially with the countrymen.
The formation of Rainbow Choir is our recent initiative in this line. Melodious singing and choral voice, inborn talents of the Nagas, are our strength. Our performances include the Naga folk tones, bollywood tracks and the like. It provides a fusion of the ancient and the modern. It is a voice in music with many stories of our culture. We have taken stages in the past and we look forward to many more in the days to come.

Purpose of Group
The formation of Rainbow Choir is inspired by the need to tell our Indian brethren and the world that we Nagas are also a part of India with unique tradition and beautiful culture of our own within the boundary of the Indian nation. Since singing is one of the great talents given to the common Nagas, though not professionally trained, every single Naga has the talent of singing. So with the little ability that we could sing, we would like to showcase our culture and tradition through our choir.
Just as the different colours unite to form the Rainbow that beautify the sky to herald a clear day, we Indians having our own different cultures, languages and looks, too unite to form a “Unity in Diversity” great country in which Nagaland is also a part of that colour which form the beautiful Rainbow called Indian. And to let our country and the whole world know about this fact, we had formed this choir and named it as “Rainbow Choir Nagaland”.

Genesis of the group:
Rainbow Choir was formed on the 16th day of March, 2013 at Tenyiphe-I village as its main headquarter office. The group is registered under Registration of Societies Act, Home Department, Government of Nagaland with registration number as HOME/SRC-6553.

Composition of Rainbow Choir:
At present, the group consists of 15 members comprising of 14 singing members and 1 key-boardist, collected from 4 different tribes- Angami, Chakhesang, Mao and Lotha. The group members were picked from 6 different villages of the district of Peren and Dimapur. Also, the members are from 4 different denominations namely – Catholic, Revival, Baptist and Pentecost.

Achievements of Rainbow Choir
till date:
Rainbow Choir participated in one of the National level reality show known as “India’s Got Talent”. The mini auditions were held at Kolkata from the 26th -27th Sept.’13 and Mega auditions from 14th November-14th December, 2013. By the grace of Almighty God, our group got selected in both the occasions. The first episode of the show was telecast on 11th Jan.’14 through Colors Channel at 21:00 hours. Next round of performance is likely to commence from 21st of Jan. 2014.
India’s Got Talent team also paid a humble visit to our state on 26th & 27th Dec.’13 along with their technical persons, cameramen and photographers. We interacted, and at the same time they took some few shots of our state’s beautiful places, sceneries, hilltops including our culture, music, dances, foods, way of living etc.
Today, though we could reach this point, it is not by our might but only through the blessings of the above, and your assistance and support. To go farther, we still need and expect the same. We the Rainbow Choir, Nagaland make an appeal to one and all to keep lending your gracious support in our venture as we also represent our Nagaland state in this prestigious reality show.
For updates/queries, one may reach us through our mail, or Choir Nagaland. Also, we wish to guide anyone who desires to expose their talents in any of the upcoming reality shows in Indian television.
Interested individuals/group may send your details to the mail address mentioned above.

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