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68th Independence Day celebrated across State

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Individuals awarded on I- Day 


CHIEF Minister T. R. Zeliang presented the President’s Police Medal, Governor’s Gold Medal, Governor’s Commendation Certificate, President’s Fire Service Medal, President’s Civil Defence & Home Guards Medal to the following Awardees on the 68th Independence Day celebration today at Secretariat Plaza Complex in Kohima.
President’s Police Medal for Meritorious
Service (announcement only)
1. T. Chumrenthung Lotha, SP Zunheboto
2. Tsenpemo Kikon, DSP, Dimapur
3. Sashikokba, UBSI, DEF, Mokokchung
4. Shekuto Semo, Havildar, DEF Kohima
Governor’s Gold Medal Awardees
1. Talisunep Imchen, NPS, Dy. Commandant,
10th (IR) Bn.
2. Er. Abhiia Khing, SDO, PWD, Phek
3. S. Hongpi Konyak, DPRO, Mon.
4. Er. Mhathung Kithan, Project Co-ordinator, Nagaland GIS & Remote Sensing Centre.
5. Lhaikhochin, Anganwati Worker, Phaipijang Village, Dimapur.
6. Er. Chubasashi Chang, E.E, I&FC Department, Tuensang Division.
7. Thejangulie Haralu, Addl. Director, Directorate of Women Resource Development.
8. Worhonthung Ezung, Under Secretary, Nagaland Information Commission
9. M/s Viu Angami & Sons
10. Beauty & Aesthethics’ Society of Nagaland (BASN).
Governor’s Commendation Certificate Awardees
1. Vikheka Assumi, UBSI, (INT, Estt.) Dimapur
2. Ricky Zeliang, Superintendent, PCCF Office, Kohima.
3. Chubawati Chang, NCS, ADC, Mokokchung
4. Thsopelo Kapfo, Registrar, Directorate of Social Welfare.
5. Telaknaro Imchen, Sr. Technical Officer, Directorate of Science & Technology
6. C. Phongpa Phom, Office Chowkidar, Dy. Commissioner Office, Longleng.
7. Asangla Imti, NCS, ADC HQ, Kohima.
8. Khevishe Yeptho, SDO (Electrical), Police Engineering Project (PEP) Chumukedima.
9. Biren Lotha, NPS, SDPO Mangkolemba, Mokokchung.
10. Moamenla, LDA, Dy. Commissioner Office, Mokokchung.
11. Renbomo Ezung, NCS, SDO(C), Mangkolemba, Mokokchung.
12. Old Jalukie Joint Forest Management Committee, Old Jalukie Village, Peren.
13. Pangti Village Council, Sungro Range, Wokha.
14. K.L. Yamao Konyak, BDO, Chen, P.O, Aboi, Mon.
15. Khevili Shohe, Vice Principal, School of Nursing, District Hospital, Dimapur.
President’s Fire Service Medal for Gallantry announced on Independence Day 2013
1. Menuhol Angami, Fireman President’s Civil Defence & Home Guards Medal for Meritorious Service
1. S. Rotokha Zhimomi, District Commandant
Governor’s Gold Medal Awardees earlier announced on Independence Day 2013
1. Israel G. Xuivi, Dy. S.P, (SB), INT (Estt,), Kohima
2. J. Mukam Chang, UBC, DEF, Tuensang
3. Kelhouletup Solo, Naik, 4th NAP Bn., Thizama
4. S.P. Raja Durai, B.Sc., B.Ed., Senior Graduate Teacher, GHSS, Phek
5. Ngangshikokba Ao, Principal, Wagkhao Government College, Mon
6. Y. Renjano Lotha, Female Health Worker (FHW), Wokha Village Sub-Centre, Wokha District.
7. Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), India, District Hospital Mon
8. Dr. S. Kuotsutho, Senior Medical Officer, District Hospital, Kiphire
9. Lipimong Sangtam, LDA, District Election Office, Kiphire
10. Tokheli Kikon, Chairperson, Naharbari Village Council, Dimapur
Governor’s Gold Medal Awardees earlier announced
on Republic Day 2014
1. Vikram M. Khalate, IPS, S.P, Mokokchung
2. Nikho Venuh, Dy. Commandant 10 NAP (IR)
3. Sushil Kumar Patel, IAS, ADC, Tuensang Hq
4. Mhonchumo Kithan, Jt. Director, Treasuries & Accounts, Nagaland, Kohima
5. Zavise Rume, Research Associate, SCERT. Nagaland, Kohima
6. Lolano Khuvung, APRO, Directorate of IPR, Nagaland, Kohima
7. Rampaukai, Ranger, Jalukie Range Office, Peren Forest Division, Peren
8. Obed Bohovi Swu, Range Officer, Nagaland Zoological Park, Rangapahar, Dimapur
9. Y. Mhathung Murry, Addl. Commissioner of Taxes, Nagaland, Dimapur
10. K. Throngji Tikhir, Head Assistant, Office of the Dy. Commissioner, Kiphire


The 68th Independence Day was celebrated at Longleng with Parliamentary Secretary for Land Resource & natural Calamities BS Nganlang. The Chief unfurled the National flag took salute from the following contingents: DEF Longlend, 2nd NAP, D Company Longleng, 10 NAP IR D company, NVG Pungo, Christian High School Longlend, Phom Lenpong School Longlend, Government Higher secondary Longleng, NCC from Mount Carmel School Longleng, Scouts and Guides from St. Joseph High School, Good Shepherd School and Government Yangli College Longleng.
On the occasion, the chief guest gave away the awards to the farmers and SHGs. Other highlights of the programme included short play by Government Yangli College, Folk dance by Yangphang and Yangching Union Longlend, Folk song by Yongam Union Longleng. The Chief Guest also inspected the exhibition stalls put up by Agri department, Veterinary Department and SHGs.
An exhibition football match between administration/police and Longleng district veteran team; Longleng town student union and Yangli College. The programme was attended by government officials and the public.

The day was celebrated at Public ground with Minister for Forest, Environment and Wild Life, Neikiesalie Kire as the chief guest.
The chief guest unfurled the National flag and took salute from 12 (Twelve) contingents comprising the DEF, 3rd NAP, VG’s, Ex-servicemen, Akum Imlong School, St. Joseph School, Loyem Immemorial School, Baptist Thangyan School, Thangjem Higher Secondary School, St. John Higher Secondary School, Sao Chang College (NCC) Tuensang and Hauhyang Chaoba Bagpipe band. The parade was commanded by Lanu Aier of 3rd NAP, Tuensang. The Chief Guest delivered the Independence Day speech. After the main function, the Chief Guest inaugurated the exhibition stall put up by Agriculture department. The other highlights of the function included cultural dances by Khiamniungan, Sangtam, Chang and Yimchunger tribes of the district. As part of the celebration, IRCS and Chamber of Commerce Tuensang visited the district jail inmates and patients of district hospital respectively. In the evening, an exhibition football match was played between DC XI and Victorian team. The function concluded with the beating of retreat by Hauhyang Chaoba Bagpipe band.

Along with the rest of the country, Phek district headquarter also celebrated Independence Day at Phek local ground where thousands of government officials and employees, public leaders and nearby villagers attended the programmw. Power Minister, Kipilli Sangtam graced the occasion as the Chief Guest where he inspected the parade contingents and delivered the Independence Day speech. Altogether 12 contingents with band party 46th Bn A/R, Phek participated in the march past led by Parade Commander, Asst Comdt, E. Konathung Ezung 5th NAP with ABI, Medongulie Angami DEF, Phek as the parade 2nd in command.
The Chief Guest inaugurated and inspected the 12th exhibition stalls put up by various Government Departments and Self Help Groups. DBs Phek distributed sweets at local ground and Elite Club & Brethen Sporting Club, Phek, carried out feeding of patient at civil hospital and sub-jail inmates.
Other highlights of the main function included group songs presented by Christian Home School, Phek, Western Tune by Mesehiwe Mekrisuh and choreography presented by Bishop Abraham Memorial School, Phek. Cultural items, folk song was presented by Woman Cultural Troupe, Hebron-1 colony Phek town and folk dance by Youth Cultural Troupe, Jericho 11 colony, Phek town.
In the afternoon session a football exhibition match was played between Government Teachers and Private Teachers, Phek. A prize distribution and beating of retreat by 46th Bn Assam Rifles, Phek marked the 68th Independence Day celebration.

In Kiphire, Parliamentary Secretary for Labour & Employment Dr. Longrineken graced the occasion as the chief guest. He inspected the parade and delivered the Independence Day speech and also took the salute from the 14 contingents. The highlights of the programme included a drill display by Agape school, special song by Charitable Trust Brothers and Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti Wardha and cultural dance presented by both men and women Phelungre village cultural troupes, exhibition stalls by Departments, visit to patients at the district hospital and inmates of sub-jail by the IRCS Kiphire. An exhibition football match was played between the Medical ward and the Elite Club.

The day was celebrated at Thonoknyu SDO Civil office with SDO Civil Thonoknyu, P. Shaying Shio. He unfurled the National flag and delivered the Independence Day speech and took the salute from the contingent consisting of 3rd NAP, NP, VGs and KGPV students.
The highlights of the programme include sweet distribution to the children, special numbers and skit presented by KGPV student Thonoknyu. An exhibition match was played between SDO Civil 11 (eleven) and DB & GB11 (Eleven). The Compare of the programme was Methiam a Graduate Teacher from Government High School Thonoknyu.

The Independence Day was celebrated at Imkongmeren Sports Complex, Mokokchung town with Minister, NH, Mechanical Soil & Water Conservation, Nagaland, Nuklutoshi as the chief guest. The Minister unfurled the National Flag and took the Rashtriya Salute.
Addressing the people on the occasion, the chief guest in his speech maintained that with the peaceful transition of power at the centre where Nagaland has been a partner and the change of guard in the State would guide the destinies of the people of Nagaland under the same DAN coalition.
Highlighting the developmental activities of the government in different sectors, such as growth rate of GSDP, Agriculture, Health Care, School Education and initiative taken to improve the power sector, the Minister also said that the government continues to pursue its goal in accordance with our slogan “Peace for Development and Development for Peace”.
The chief guest said that any policies being initiated by the government are with the best of intentions and keeping up with the interest of the people in mind. He added that any decision relating to major issues will be taken only after due consultation with the people.
The chief guest handed out the district awards and citations to 60 individuals from different developments and NGOs and also took salute from 21 contingents of Arm personal, NCC, Bharat Scouts & Guides from Schools and Band party from 31 Assam Rifles and 2nd NAP Alichen. The function concluded with presentation of special items from Kumlong Children Choir, Peoples College Students Union, Teakwondo Association Mokokchung and Tug-Of- War between Kumlong Ward and Dilong Ward.
31 AR displays arms & ammunition
Commemorating the 68th Independence Day celebration, the 31 Assam Rifles, Mokokchung displayed various Arms & Ammunition of different origin which includes 30 mm AGs No-3 Russian, 81mmMor-France, 51 Mortar- Indian, 7.62 mm AK-47- Russian, 5.56 mm INSAS Rifles- Indian, 84mm Rocket Launcher- Sweden, 5.56 mm INSASLMG- Indian, 7.62 mm MMG –Belgium and 7.62 mm LMG -Indian at the Imkongmeren Sports Complex Mokokchung. On the occasion of the 68th Independence Day celebration, 56 government employees under various departments and 4 persons from Bharat Scout & Guides Association under Mokokchung District were honored with an award and a citations for their sincerity and effortless dedication in their field.
The Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) Mokokchung also awarded citation and cash prizes to ten (10) best block farmers and five (50 best block farmers groups in recognition of their significant efforts.

Awardee farmers and Self Help Groups

List of awardees for best farmer award (2014)
Sl.No Name Village Block Activities
1 ZholtoAngami Jasnapani Medziphema Handicrafts & Handlooms
2 OmenvongoKithan NotunBosti Medziphema Micro-Entrepreneurship (Aluminum Craft)
3 Viniho Hovukhu Niuland Soil & Water Conservation
4 DenonLangthasa Doyapur Dhansiripar Eri Rearing
5 N. SupongAier Aoyimkum Medziphema Animal Husbandry
6 DikBahadur Singrijan Dhansiripar Paddy Cultivation
7 LetthongMisao Molvom Medziphema Pineapple Cultivation
8 VipakhweiTunyi Diezephe Dhansiripar Fishery
List of awardees for best group award (2014)
Sl.No Name Village Block Activities
1 NouneKroSHG Jharnapani Medziphema Banana Fibre Extraction
2 DanglamSHG Dhansiripar Dhansiripar Sericulture
3 Ruth SHG Niuland Town Niuland Candle, Surf Making
4 RapilarSHG Padumpukhuri Medziphema Mushroom cultivation
5 KhlashiSHG S.Hotovi Kuhuboto Maize & Paddy cultivation
6 Tuccu Multipurpose Yeveto Niuland Piggery Rearing
Co-operative Society

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