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22 NPF MLAs supporting Kaito call on Governor

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2015 12:33 am


The majority of the NPF legislators supporting the leadership of G. Kaito Aye called on the Governor of Nagaland on Friday along with the two Members of Parliament at Raj Bhavan in Kohima. We extend our sincere appreciation to the Honorable Governor for giving us an audience and for giving us a patient hearing,” the statement issued by Imkong Imchen, spokesperson of the NPF Legislature Party said.
According to Imkong Imchen, the 22 MLAs submitted a petition to the Governor and highlighted the fact that the cabinet headed by T.R. Zeliang has lost the majority support and mandate of the NPF as well as the ruling DAN Legislature Parties and is therefore not legally recognized anymore. He said the proposal of the minority cabinet which has decided to call for a special session of the assembly as the Governor is not compelled to summon or prorogue the assembly on the advice of the minority cabinet as per Article 174 of the Constitution of India. Under the given circumstances the recommendation of such Council of Ministers is not sustainable to prevail over or guide and discharge of any of the Constitutional duty, Imkong I Imchen added.
“We also highlighted to the Honorable Governor the serious charges of corruption and transferring of huge amounts of money in foreign banks by the chief minister Shri T. R. Zeliang and his wife and involvement in laundering black money,” Imkong Imchen also said.
In the light of the above, the NPF legislators called for the immediate removal of the minority chief minister and installation of a popular government headed by G. Kaito Aye as ‘he enjoys the overwhelming majority’ of the MLAs of both the NPF and the DAN.
“In our meeting the Honorable Governor stated that since the ongoing crisis is an internal matter of the NPF party, it cannot be settled on the floor of the assembly but it has to be settled within the party and therefore summoning of the assembly does not arise,” Imong Imchen also said.
“We also take this opportunity to appeal to all our colleagues who have been forcefully kept under closed confinement in Dr. Shurhozlie’s De Oriental Grande Hotel to come and join hands with the majority as our doors are always open. We assure them that no one will be discriminated or prejudiced on joining the group that carries the popular mandate of the people. Those who are unable to leave T.R. Zeliang and Dr. Shurhozelie must obviously be involved in the multimillion dollar black money scam,” he added.

By EMN Updated: Jan 17, 2015 12:33:33 am