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2 persons arrested for replacing phone with soap bar

By PTI Updated: Oct 21, 2016 12:16 am

New Delhi, Oct 20 : Two persons have been arrested following a complaint by a courier boy of e-commerce giant Amazon that they replaced a high-end mobile phone with a soap bar in east Delhi during delivery.

The courier boy Manoj Thakur approached police complaining that a Samsung Note 5 which he had gone to deliver an address of Madhu Vihar was replaced by one Rehan with a soap bar on October 15, said Rishi Pal, DCP(east).
The complainant said that the consignment of was to be delivered at an address of Rehan but he could not find him there. When Manoj contacted him on his mobile phone, the accused asked him to deliver the consignment at another address, he said.

The complainant reached at the other address where the accused took the consignment and went inside the house to bring money. He, however, came back and returned the package saying that he does not have full amount to pay the bill.

Manoj later found that the consignment was tampered with and the product was replaced with a soap bar.

During investigation, a police team reached at the address where the complainant had met Rehan and found duo Mohit Tomar and Robin Chauhan instead, said the officer.

The complainant identified Mohit Tomar as Rehan to whom he had delivered the package, he said.

The duo said during interrogation that Mohit was posing as Rehan and took the delivery package while Robin who was already inside the house replaced the original product with the soap bar.

By PTI Updated: Oct 21, 2016 12:16:18 am