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10th Music Awards of Nagaland 2018 nominees

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2018 10:50 pm

The Native Trax Society has announced their 10th Music Awards of Nagaland (MAN) 2018 nominees. This year the NTS has received increase in the number of entries to the MAN 2018.
After a screening, 60 entries have been nominated in various genres for the 10th edition of the MAN, the NTS updated in a press note. The nominees are:
• Beyond Sunday- Grace (Element Indie)
• Hiyalo Kath -When will we ever learn (Clef Ensemble)
• Khekiho Yeptho- You’ll be alright (New Life Studio)
• Powerfaith- Contemplation (Clef Ensemble)
• Renpi Kikon -I run to you (Richa Productions, Kma)
• Storyline -We are lost (Home Studio)
GOSPEL (Local dialects)
• Chipanger- Yongyar (Clef Ensemble)
• Temsu David Aichanger -Tebenjem lanur ka (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Zekuosa Zhale -Kekhriethuo Apuo (AO’s Home Studio)
• Annie’s OK- Aplomb (Jam Studio 11)
• Atemer Walling -So completely (Wave Recording)
• Beyond Sunday- Grace (Element Indie)
• Dream magnificent- Chosen one (Nyekha Studio)
• Dream Magnificent- Hola (Nyekha- Studio)
• Mad as March- Human (Jam Studio 11)
• Magic Street -Heaven in you (Basement Studio)
• Muno Shiu feat Angeu- Champion (Jam Studio 11)
• Atemer Walling- Crazy love (Wave Recording)
• Hailinator- For a reason (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Winterwind -Freedom to our land (Music Bakery)
• Aosunep Jamir -Good old times (Music Bakery)
• Atto A Achumi -All night long (Clef Ensemble)
• Dieze Sothu -Worth it (Infinite Records Kohima)
• Imcha Imchen -Moving on (Imchen Brothers Records)
• Khekiho Yeptho -Cherish this moment (New Life Studio)
• Kubanglung Pamei -Away (Element Indie)
• Lindi Nienu- Chasing the new (Dezo Thira Home Studio)
• Maongtemsu Pongener -Past memories (Element Indie)
• Renbeni Odyuo -Wildfire (Element Indie)
• Tsali Sangtam -LOL (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Moko Koza- Heal (Home Studio)
• Sudu Rhax- Don’t let go (Dream Music Studio)
• Sudu Rhax -T-shirt (Dream Music Studio)
• Tensawati Lemtur -Through the nights (Kauso Entertainment)
• Ruopfukuolie Chutso -In your hand (Jam Studio 11)
• Ato Yim & Sunep Lemtur -Sound of inspiration (Crystal Sound & Media 24 Studio)
• Jano Nyekha- My day (Nyekha Studio)
• Muno Shiu- Apa atsüojin Nai lüsong (Black & White Studio)
• Renbeni Odyuo -Zayi zayi le (Element Indie)
• Temsumongba Ozukum -Shilangang (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Tsali Sangtam -Inü nü mütre (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Zekuosa Zhale- Loziko pfhe sinyü (Rewire Studio)
• Bendang Jamir -My journey Aseu Chadi (Home Studio)
• Robert Aley -Dreaming of a better world (Music Bakery)
• Robert Aley -Impossibilities beyond belief (Music Bakery)
• Sunep Lemtur -The beautiful dawn (Media 24 Studio)
• Abemo Kyong -Take off (MIXclefs)
• D-Boy Feel it Dream Beats Production
• DJ Lil’ Bomb -Dance with me tonight (FL Studio 11)
• DJ Lil’ Bomb -Summer feels (FL Studio 11)
• Ina Feels like home Home Studio
• Ina -Twilight years (Home Studio)
• Oziht -Nirvana (Home Studio)
• Vecülü Rhakho -The story I know (Nyekha Studio)
• Honya Yanlem- Caught in the middle (Music Bakery)
• Imti Mong, Azha & Aloi- Twenties love (Home Studio)
• Mini Shiu- Let your beauty shine (Black & white studio)
Hindi/Local Dialects
• Atemer Walling -Akenchajen Wave Recording)
• Hentick Konyak- Ilomi (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Nahyoh Wenkhuhum- Kenpu Wanglam (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Nahyoh Wenkhuhum- Tao Naha (Tribes Music & Media Lab)
• Sunep Lemtur -Humsafar (Media 24 Studio)
Awards will be presented to the best song in each category listed above as decided by the judging panel. Awards will also be given away in technical categories such as Best Music Video, Best Video Director, Best Sound Engineer, Best Producer and Best Lyricist. The award for ‘Song of the Year’ will go to the nomination which secures the highest points based on ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on the MAN Facebook page and number of views on the MAN Youtube channel.

By EMN Updated: Nov 17, 2018 10:50:31 pm